I’ve been using coupons for a long time now, and have talked to many people about coupons.  I have noticed a few things about coupon users during that time.  There are different types of couponers in this world.  I’ve put together a little tongue in cheek list of the 6 stages of coupon use that I’ve noticed.  The list isn’t all-inclusive by any means & some could fall into more than one category or none at all.  It’s just meant to be an observation of what I’ve seen through the years.

Stage 1: Coupon Couldn’t Care Less

The Coupon Couldn’t Care Less is not uncaring in general, but only about coupon use.  I was once a Coupon Couldn’t Care Less Couponer.  The Coupon Couldn’t Care Less may not know that you can save 50% or more or groceries even getting items for totally free.  Some may know this, but still not care.  Some believe that coupons are a waste of time, and can’t save you enough money to be worth it.

Stage 2: Fell off the Wagon Couponer

The Fell off the Wagon Couponer was once a Casual Couponer, Coupon Apprentice or even a Coupon Master.  The Fell Off the Wagon Couponer has stopped using coupons when it a) became too big of a hassle b) life happened or c) some other reason they stopped using coupons.

Stage 3:Casual Couponer

The Casual Couponer knows that you can save money with coupons.  The Casual Couponer flips through the Sunday paper inserts & clips out coupons for items they’ll buy or might search out a printable coupon for a product on their list. .  The Casual Couponer might save anywhere from $5-$10 with their coupons on one shopping trip.

Stage 4: Coupon Newbie

The Coupon Newbie has heard of or knows people like the Coupon Master, and aspires to be one.  The Coupon Newbie has a strong desire to learn to use coupons more effectively, but is unsure where to start.

Stage 5: Coupon Apprentice

The Coupon Apprentice has attended a coupon class or read online about how to use coupons.  They understand it, and follow it.  The Coupon Apprentice makes their list each week & goes to the store armed with a stack of coupons.  The Coupon Apprentice will save anywhere from 40-100% on their groceries.

Stage 6: Coupon Master

The Coupon Master knows how to work the deals!  The Coupon Master spends hours working up scenarios, and can end up walking out of the store spending zero or even better!

What type of couponer are you?

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