I’m sure most of you have seen or heard of all the coupons that come with the Sunday paper. On the front of my paper it always says “$500 worth of savings inside” or something like that.  Yes, the Sunday paper is a HUGE SOURCE of wonderful coupons to help you save money on your groceries.

There are some people like the Casual Couponer I mentioned here who go through them clipping out coupons for items on their list & then throw out the rest.  They also will print off a coupon or 2 they find on the internet to take to the store as well.  They grab their list & their clipped coupons & head out the door for the Grocery store.

That’s good.  That’s absolutely better than nothing  If you’re gonna buy something anyway it’s a great thing to save an extra $.50 or $1.00 on it.  Sure!  Yes!  Absolutely!

BUT Wait!!

If you REALLY want to save money using coupons then just wait!  Don’t use that coupon yet! Let me show you how it pays off to save that coupon for another day.

In the 1st scenario it works like this — You have Frosted Flakes on your grocery list.  Frosted Flakes are around $3.99 at the Grocery store. You see a coupon in the paper for $1.00 off on 2 Boxes of Frosted Flakes.  So….you head to the store & buy 2 boxes of Frosted Flakes.  You pay $7.00 for them at $3.99/each with the $1.00 off coupon.

That’s ok, but what about this scenario — Frosted Flakes is always on your list.  You never want to run out of Frosted Flakes.  Frosted Flakes are priced at $3.99, but they’re also Buy 1, Get 1 Free this week at your favorite grocery store.  That would make them only $2.00 per box!  Good deal, but also use the coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes & pay only $3.00 for 2 boxes versus the $7.00 in the 1st scenario.

The second scenario is surely the best, but what if you really need those Frosted Flakes now & don’t have time to wait for them to go on sale?  This is surely to happen especially if you’re just starting with couponing & don’t have a stockpile yet.

If that happens to me(and sure it does) I’ll just usually buy the least expensive/smallest/store brand item just to get us by until it goes on sale.  Don’t worry!  It will go on sale & when it does…..STOCK UP!!

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