Zaycon Foods Chicken Event

I am so excited that Zaycon Foods is coming back to town! I got 40 lbs of chicken from them last year, and it was really good.  It’s fresh, not frozen, and the chicken breasts are huge!

It lasted us a very long time and the chicken was great quality! This is how it works.

Zaycon Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for only $1.69/lb

  • Go here to create a Zaycon Foods Account.
  • Go to Locations to find out if the event will be in your area.
  • Place your Reservation by ordering the amount you want.
  • Go to the pickup location on pickup day, and get your chicken.
When I went to pick mine up during the March event last year it was so simple.  I just pulled up and they put it in my trunk.  In case you’re wondering it comes in a box with 4 separate sealed bags.