11 thoughts on “Winn Dixie Deals This Week”

  1. Is my math off??

    If yogurt is .50 and you buy 3 that’s $1.50

    if you take .50 off that’s $1.00

    if you divide $1.00 by 3 it’s 33.3 cents each – you have 17 cents.

    Also, .50 off $1.00 POM juice makes it $.50, not Free – doesn’t it??

  2. Hi Steve,

    Great question! If your store doesn’t double coupons then the yogurt would be $.33 and the Juice $.50, but here in Alabama and some other states Winn Dixie Doubles coupons up to $.50. I always list both scenarios since my readers are in both places. Hope that helps!


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