This scenario happens all the time & has come up alot lately so I thought I’d write a little post about it:

So you go to look at the coupon matchups for your favorite store.

You see that you can get $25 in overage on milk with the coupon for $1.00 off on Milk from last week’s Smart Source insert in the Sunday Paper.

You get very excited and run to grab your inserts frantically searching through the Smart Source for that awesome coupon.  You look.  And You Look again.  You ask your friend/spouse/parent/child to look.  IT’S NOT THERE!!!

Ok, so then you think that maybe whoever did the matches got mixed up & said Smart Source but meant Red Plum.   You grab your Red Plum inserts for that same date.  Same scenario..IT’S NOT THERE!!

What Happened? You know that the person who did the matchups gets the same paper that you do so why are your coupons different?  Is the person who did those matchups trying to confuse you?

Are they Mistaken?

Are they Just Crazy?

Let me explain! I promise you that we are not trying to be confusing.  Yes sometimes we make mistakes, and yes some of us are just crazy but if you are looking to be a professional, take a look at ebay product research tool. This will allow you to have the right understanding of how to get the right coupons.  However, there is a very good explanation for the missing coupon.

  • Coupon inserts are regional. Some areas will get a coupon for a certain product with a certain dollar amount off while another area will get the same product coupon with a different amount, and still yet another area could get no coupons at all for that product.

So now you want to know why I listed it if I didn’t get it in my paper either.

  • Coupon Databases are National. I along with most other coupon bloggers use coupon databases to do store matchups.  We look at the ad to see what’s on sale and then look in the database to see where the coupons are to match.  There are people all over the country who enter their coupons into these databases so we typically use the best coupons available to determine the best deal.


  • You can order the coupons you need to make a deal happen. Getting a look at the matchups as early as possible for the sale period is the best way to get the coupons you need in time to use them.  Coupon Clippers who provide this service understand the time sensitivity of coupons and so they always ship in a very timely manner.

Where do I go to order those coupons?

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