So, I’m doing coupon matchups on one of our local Grocery Stores and notice a “GREAT DEAL” on the back of the ad.  I was instantly drawn to it as it takes up a large spot, and it shows the word FREE a total of 4 times – IN ALL CAPS!

In the deal Basically you buy 3 boxes of cereal and you get 4 items for FREE (worth about $13).

Sounds good, right?

How much was the cereal?  FIVE NINETY NINE!! Yes, $5.99 per box!

Considering you can usually get cereal for $2.00 per box or less with coupons and the typical price for a box of cereal is from $3.99 to $4.99 this would not be such a great deal!

Just as a disclaimer, I do love this store I’m referring to and they do typically have really great deals.

However, this is just a reminder that we as shoppers need to pay attention and use our discretion before taking the store’s word for it on whether a deal’s a deal or not.

So would you do it?  Would you pay $5.99 each for 3 boxes of cereal just to get $13 worth of free stuff?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!