We are traveling on the way back from vacation, and I stopped into a Walmart to check out all the Back To School prices.  They had tons of boxes still needing to be unpacked, but I was able to get pricing on many items.

One thing I was bummed about was the Crayola 25 count crayon price.  I know that $.50 is really good, BUT last year it was a quarter.  I still grabbed a few packs as well as a few other things.  Hopefully that price will go down as it gets later in the summer.

Remember that you can price match other ads at Walmart.  I had my Target ad with me, but the prices at Walmart were actually better on the items I wanted to price match.  I did, however, get some PaperMate Mechanical Pencils (the nice ones) for $1 with an Office Max Price Match. See the list below for all the Walmart Back to School Supplies Prices

Walmart Back To School Prices

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