Pilgrim Hat Treat Cup

 These upcycled k  cups are adorable whether you plan to pass them out for a class treat or to add to the kids table on Thanksgiving. Anytime you can spin out a free and fun craft for the kids its a good thing, right?

Upcycled K Cup Pilgrim Hat Treat Holder

For this treat cup I used empty cups from one of the varieties of coffee that was already black, if yours are white you can easily give them a couple coats of black spray paint to make it work as well. This project works great in an assembly line fashion with your little ones, just be sure to use a good craft glue instead of hot glue.

 Supplies Needed:

  • clean, empty black k cups
  • (or spray painted white or brown)
  • black cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • yellow cardstock
  • scissors
  • Craft or hot glue
  • small individual wrapped candy for filling

You will also need a cup or other round object with a slightly larger circumference than the wide end of your k cup, at least ½” wider around.


Remove all the foil top from your k cup, if needed a small pair of pliars can help you pull off the stubborn bits.

Wash and dry cup completely.

Trace a cup or other round object that is slightly larger than the open end of k cup onto black cardstock, cut circle out.

Cut a white strip of white cardstock ⅛” wide and “ long.

Cut a yellow square ¼” x ¼ “.

k cup pilgrim hat band

Assemble band and buckle using glue to secure.

Fill cup with candies to just below rim.

pilgrim hat k cup treat fill

Squirt generous amount of glue around rim of cup and center black circle cut out, press down firmly.k cup pilgrim hat How To

Flip cup over and your adorable pilgrim hat is ready to enjoy!

 Upcycled K Cup Pilgrim Hat Treat Holder