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  1. Release your cheeck off that comb and you”ll miss every time. ll need like a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove and water filter and ensure you know how each thing works. Hiking, camping, or even biking in the city, knowing where you are at all times will certainly come in handy.

  2. On THG:Okay, I personnally *love* this book. It’s rllaey sweet. I admit, the first chapter or three is pretty sad, and your wondering if it’s gonna get any better. And it doesn’t get a whole lot happier, but it gets incredibly interesting. And the sweet relationships between a couple characters make up for the lack of happiness. Oh, and Peeta adds comic relief here and there. 🙂 I think you’ll like it a lot.I like the way the tie looks. :)Ohmygoodness, no way! Love it. Brushing teeth upside-down. :PAh, I love the picture of your two cuties on the swing. Presh.Haha! Hunter is the bomb. Thomas the Train will be all over the red carpet next year. :DHallelujah! God is so gracious. <3Congrats to Kelly on her win!hugs,~bree

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