I have been getting a Grow Alabama Box each week for a while now, and I love it!    I love it for these 4 reasons:

  • By purchasing from Grow Alabama I am supporting Alabama Farmers
  • Grow Alabama farmers are contracted to grow to without chemicals or pesticides.


  • Grow Alabama will deliver all over the state to homes and businesses.  I pick mine up at a local gym each week.
  • Boxes can be customized each week.  Don’t want Eggplant this week?  No problem, get extra squash instead.  You can also add items from the Grow Alabama store to your box.

Right now at Sharing Spree Birmingham you can get a month of Grow Alabama for only $99!  That’s only around $24 per week for fresh/local produce!  It would be a great opportunity to try it out & see if you like it.

In the picture is the goodies from one of my boxes a while back.