Tips for Growing a Huge Watermelon

Tips for Growing a Huge Watermelon

Photo Source:  Mateusz Atroszko


Tips for Growing Huge Watermelon

Watermelon growing contests have gotten quite popular over the years and it has created an aura of secrecy around the process. Not everyone will share their tips for growing huge watermelon. That’s because the tips are so simple that no one wants to give them away when they can look like an expert gardener by keeping the tips to themselves. Growing watermelon is not complicated but it is precise. Here are some tips to get those watermelon growing right:



Watermelon gets its name from the fact that the majority of the fruit is made up of water. What this means for the gardener is that the melon needs plenty of water to reach its full maturity level and be the sweet, dripping fruit that you desire.


Hills or Rows

You can plant your watermelons in hills or rows. If you plant them in hills, you can put 4-6 melons on one hill, but these are more difficult to water through the soaking technique unless you wrap the hose around the hill. This isn’t recommended because it takes too much hose and can involve tangling the hose in the vine. Instead, if you use the hill method, water the plant instead of the soil. The leaves will carry the water where it needs to be and you won’t be eroding your own hill.



Because watermelon require so much water, you need to make sure to keep the ground moist. At the same time, you don’t want your watermelon laying in puddles. To deal with both of these issues, mulch with straw. It holds the moisture beautifully, but it also allows air to escape so the melon itself is not constantly drenched.

Cover the Watermelons

There are a few pests who love to feast on the watermelon plants including the leaves and stems. If you cover your plants with a mesh plant covering, you can save yourself a lot of trouble from these pests. When the plant starts to bloom, remove the covering to give the plant room to grow.


Prevent Flat Spots and Cracking

As the watermelon grows, it is going to grow in the direction that is easiest. Because of its shape and the fact that it may be resting on a flat surface, it may develop a flat spot. Gently turn your watermelons to prevent this from happening. This also helps the entire fruit get equal exposure to the sun and can help prevent exploding episodes.


These tips for growing huge watermelon will help you as long as you plant your seeds in fertile soil. Be careful to pick the watermelon at the right time so that it isn’t too watered down and yet it is still ripe. Many people pick their melons when the vine opposite of the fruit on the stem is dried and brown.