A garage sale is a great way to get rid of what you no longer use or need, and make some quick cash in the process. But if you think just hauling all your junk out to the garage and throwing it on a few tables is the end of it, you are quite wrong! The truth is there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning a garage sale, so you can make it worth your time and make more money. Welcome to the Ultimate Garage Sale Guide, your must read guide for planning your next garage sale.

When you keep these garage sale tips and tricks in mind during your planning process, you will find that you can in fact get rid of more stuff and make more cash in the process. Who can argue with that? Here is what you need to know!

How to Plan a Garage Sale

Before you open your next sale, you will want to plan appropriately. By doing some thorough planning, you can be sure your sale runs smoothly and you can turn the most profit! Here are 7 tips on how to plan a garage sale to get you started.

1. Check the weather forecast.
You want to be sure you are planning the sale on a day where weather will be comfortable. You don’t want rain as that will scare buyers away, but so will extreme heat. Look for comfortable temperatures that you will enjoy selling in and they will enjoy shopping in.

2. Run ads a week before.
You want to give shoppers plenty of time to find your sale and plan for it. Start running ads a week ahead of time to spread the word. You can run ads for free on Craigslist, Facebook, local Facebook garage sale groups, or on advertisement boards ran by your local news stations. You can also post a newspaper ad for a small fee.

3. Use descriptive wording.
You want to be sure your ads are very clear. This means listing 15-20 interesting items you will be selling including any large ticket items. You will also want to mention if you will have a large amount of a specific size of clothing. Mention any antiques, collectibles, or appliances you might have. Be clear when giving directions, giving any landmarks or nearby intersections to help people best find it.

4. Make clear signs. Place out two days before.
Get large poster boards and bright markers to make visually appealing signs. Make sure you clearly write the address and sale times, as well as an arrow so people can quickly see where they should go. Put up signs two days in advance to gain attention and take down at the conclusion of your sale.

5. Price and sort the night before.
Keep well organized and ahead of the game by pricing and sorting the night before the sale. Price everything so customers never have to ask how much something is. Many won’t, they will just leave. Sort items by category so they are organized and easy to sift through.

6. Gather change, bags, and wrapping paper.
Before the sale begins, organize a change box with plenty of change. You will also want scrap paper for wrapping items, and plenty of shopping bags for bagging purchases up. Shoppers love having these items to keep their purchases safe, so be sure to have them ready and easy to grab.

7. Make the sale visually appealing.
Display items so they are visually appealing, make sure everything is clean, hang colorful banners and signs, play music, and make the sale overall enjoyable. This will invite people to shop and browse longer, which then leads them to spending more money!

7 Top Sellers at Garage Sales

Do you really want to make some cash at your next garage sale? Here are the 7 tops sellers at garage sales, so if you have any of these items in your attic or storage, you will want to haul them out! These are a quick way to make some cash, as these are items buyers are always in the mood for. Here is what you need to know!

1. Books
Whether they be educational books, cookbooks, kids books, or school books, book buyers are everywhere! Display books so they are easy to sort through and offer a discount for bulk purchases.

2. Kid’s Clothes
Kid’s clothing can be pricey, which is why many moms turn to sales to buy what they need. Wash and neatly fold your kid’s clothes so they can be easily viewed. You can also offer a discount for bulk purchases. Don’t forget kid’s shoes, toys, and other accessories too!

3. Designer items
If you have designer hand bags, shoes, watches, or other name brand items, they tend to sell fast at garage sales. Place them on a table near the checkout so people can easily view them but you can also keep an eye on them.

4. Furniture
Shoppers love a great furniture deal! Even if your furniture is less than perfect, many designers love buying pieces to fix up. Place furniture items near the curb so people driving by can see them and get drawn in.

5. Tools
Men especially always have their eyes out for tools. If you have tools you no longer use, toss them out into your sale! You can also sell any unused hardware, electrical items, salvage items, and more.

6. Bikes
Bikes never last long at garage sales. If your children have outgrown their bikes or you have a bike you no longer use, put it out in your sale as one of your big ticket items.

7. Home décor.
Women love decorating their homes, so any home décor items are sure to sell fast. This includes frames, pictures, vases, candle holders, baskets, wall décor, etc.

Now that you know what some of the hot sellers are, how do you price your stuff? You want it to sell fast, but you also want to turn a profit. Take a look below at a general pricing guide, perfect for getting a little cash for your stuff while clearing it out at the same time!

How to Price Your Garage Sale Items

Clothing/Adult: $1 per piece, more for designer items
Children’s Clothing: .50 cents to $2 per piece
Purses/Wallets: $1, more for designer items
Books: .50 cents each, or offer a bulk discount like 3 for $1
Toys: .50-$5 based on brand, condition
Frames: $1 each
Tools: $1 and up, based on brand
End Tables: $30 a pair, $10 each
Chairs: $5-$10 each
Area Rugs: $7-$10 based on condition
High Chair: $10-$20
Stuffed animals: .25 cents
Dishes: .25-$1.00
Bikes: Will vary, but $10-$40
Décor items: .50 cents to $5
CDs and DVDs- $1-$2 each
Shoes: $1 a pair, more for designer
Electronics: Charge 25% of original price as long as item is in gently used condition
Sofa/Love Seats: Will vary, around $50-$75 each
Yard furniture: $5-$15 each based on quality, may run higher
Exercise items: 25% of original price as long as item is in gently used condition
Pictures/Paintings: $1-$5

As you can see, prices when considering your garage sale items may vary, but this can at least act as a guide to help you pick a price that works for you.

Keep these garage sale tips in mind the next time you get ready to hang out your sale sign. You will find that they can help you make the most cash!