Black Friday is a day that many shoppers look forward to with great excitement!  It’s hard to resist the awesome deals and freebies that are available on that day!

However, there is another side to Black Friday that we don’t often think about when we’re planning for a fun day of shopping and bargain hunting – a Very Dark Side!

A few years ago we heard about the Walmart Employee who was trampled to death on Black Friday by shoppers trying to get into the store.

This year it seems the violence has multiplied.  I heard about so many instances of folks gone crazy last year.

I am truly shocked by the actions of some of the people I’ve seen and read about.  I am all about a good bargain.

Yes, I love to get a great deal!

However, It’s just stuff.  If I ever have to disregard human life to get a good price then I’ll pass on that one!

There’s the one about the lady who sprayed pepper spray on shoppers to get an advantage.

Or what about this on, a 61 yr old man collapses in a Target store and shoppers around him continue their shopping, some even stepping over him!!  He later passed away at the hospital.

A man was shot in California by an Armed Robber as he was leaving the store with his purchases on Black Friday.

A teenage Girl was hurt after being trampled at a Michigan Walmart.

A Bessemer, AL couple were beaten in Walmart on Black Friday by another customer.

Another dark side of the day is the fact that store employees have to work crazy hours that they aren’t used to in order to handle all the Black Friday madness.  One Target Black Friday worker in Florida was so exhausted that she ran off the road on her way home from work.

This video says it all though…The people in the video were going nutso over a Waffle Maker!

What about you?  Does all this violence and craziness make you more likely to stay home?

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