One of the biggest money saving aspects of couponing or just general sale stockup shopping is having a stockpile of items readily available.  However, a stockpile can also be a big money waster!


Well, if you stock up on items that go bad before you use them then the money you spent on them may as well have been thrown in the trash.  Even if you only spend $.50 it adds up and you aren’t saving as much as you should.

I was looking through my freezer the other day and noticed that I have several things I need to use up.  This goes for my pantry as well.  With that said..I have a plan!

One of the first goals I have for 2013 will be to go through everything and see how many meals I can make out of the items I have so I can use it all up.

Who wants to Join me?

There are a few steps to this process but the FIRST thing that needs to happen is to create a Pantry Inventory List. Xpage   I have created a form that you can print out and use to track everything you have stored up.

Print your Free Pantry Inventory List Here.

This is the beginning of a series I’ll be doing on Saving Money.

I know this is the first week of 2013 and everyone is busy so this is the ONLY task for this week.  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Print out the Free Pantry Inventory List
  • Go through your pantry and freezer and just write down everything you see.
  • If you see things that are old or outdated go ahead & throw them out while you’re there.

That’s it!  Check Back next week for the next task in this series!  Sign up for my newsletter to get updates by email!