I’m sure some of you have passed by your local bread store outlet many times without stopping in like I did. I’d pass by it all the time going to town for shopping or something else.  One day as I was passing by with Bryan & the kids I asked him to pull in so I could run in & check it out.

I was so thrilled at what I found.  They have excellent prices on so many bread products that makes it well worth a stop in every couple of weeks.  My store has Nature’s Own 100% Whole Grain Bread for around $1.00($1.09 at my store).  There were bagels, sandwich thins, buns, rolls and other bread products for only around $1.00 too. White Bread was actually only $.89.

I was able to get everything in the picture for only $12! That’s 8 loaves of Nature’s Own Bread, 2 packs of Sandwich Thins, and 1 pack of Honey Buns.

All this at the grocery store would have cost over $30!

Remember that Bread freezes easily, and if you have a food processor this is a great inexpensive way to make your own bread crumbs for recipes.