I’ve always heard that you could save money on your electricity bill by switching lightbulbs, but I’ve never really looked into it.  I just kind of assumed it was true, but never really understood how much you can actually save by switching to energy saving light bulbs.  Light bulbs are one of those things that we have to purchase, but are hardly on sale at a really low stockup price.  I always usually just grab the cheapest ones with the most wattage – until now.

After looking at the GE Energy Savings Calculator I am amazed at the savings that is possible just by switching to GE Energy Saving Bulbs.  After running it through the handy dandy GE Energy Savings Calculator I determined that I can save up to $640 per year just by switching bulbs!  That is a huge savings!

I had a great time with the kiddos creating a info board to show all the savings we could see by switching to GE Energy Saving Bulbs.  We headed to Walmart and picked up some Elmer’s Supplies to make our creation.  I decided to demonstrate the savings with 3 different types of bulbs – CFL, Halogen, and LED.  Much needed supplies for my project were Elmer’s Glue and an Elmer’s tri-fold display board.


My kiddos were impressed with my crafty skills and Bryan was impressed with the potential savings!  The light bulb was a huge hit.  I got compliments from at least 4 different little people – “Nice, Lightbulb Mom”.  🙂

What would you do with an extra $330 per year??!!??  A great use for that extra savings would be to use it for good!  I picked up a few extra Elmer’s Supplies to make a donation to our local Homeschool Group.  My family attends there, and they are always appreciative of donations!

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