I had a really great Publix shopping trip this week.  We went out of town for over a week so I didn’t go grocery shopping the week before, and we were out of many things that we needed.  I was able to stock up on cereal, and I love the deal on the Sorrento Stringsters.

I usually don’t show my kid’s pictures in our shopping trip posts, but I wanted to share my twin’s silliness with you this week.  They were giving each other bunny ears, and had themselves cracking up laughing.

I ended up spending $84.73 plus tax, but I saved over $85.  I was really glad to be able to use Publix Digital Coupons during this trip, and it went very well.  I got great deals on the Cascadian Farm veggies and Apple & Eve Juice.

This trip was on last week’s deals but you can still get some of these prices from the current Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer and Publix Digital Coupon Matchups.

Also, see all the Current Publix Coupon Deals if you’re shopping this weekend.

I know I usually post the details of my trip, but I am beat after a long day.  If anyone would like to see the breakdown just leave me a comment & I’ll try my very best to add it tomorrow.