This week is such a great week at Publix.  I love the Gift Card deal where you get a $10 Gift Card when you spend $100, and also the Deli Tray deal where you get $10 off a Deli Tray with participating purchases.  I really wanted to grab those deals, and there were some nice stock up prices on cheese, meat, & other things that would help me get my total up so I decided to go for it and get stocked up on some things.

I gotta say that I was a little uneasy having a total of well over $200 before I handed over my coupons.  I had to keep reminding myself that I was getting lots of stuff for that price and still saving money!    Once all my items were scanned the cashier handed me $20 In Publix Gift Cards – I got 2 since I had $200 worth of grocries, that was awesome.

Then I handed over my coupons and the total went down to $144.27.  That’s still a high total, but I feel like I got some great bargains, and I still had the $20 in Publix Gift Cards to use later.

Breakdown of My Publix Shopping Trip:

Publix Deli Deal: Buy $15 in Pepsi, Lays, Stacy or Gatorade Products & get $10 off any platter

4 * Dr Pepper 12 pk at $2.64/each, they were Buy 2, Get 2 Free

1 * Popcorn Chicken Platter at $9.99, On Sale for $19.99, use the in-ad coupon for $10 off WYB Pepsi, etc.

2 * Wavy Lays Original at $2.15/each, BOGO no coupon

1 * Lays French Onion Dip at $2.45/each, Sale price $3.00, use the coupon for Lay’s Dips, 14.75 oz+ WYB 1 Potato Chips, 10 oz+ $0.55/1 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/05/2012)

Total for the Chicken Platter, Chips, Dr. Peppers, and Dip was $27.32


4 * Oscar Mayer Carving Board Meat at $2.83/each, On sale for $3.33 ,used 2 of the coupon for $1/2 Oscar Mayer Carving Board Meats or Cold Cuts 02/01/2012 (exp 03/02/2012)

4 * Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat at $2.50/each, on sale for $3.00, use the coupon for B3G1 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Turkey Lunch Meat, TARGET COUPON 01/29/2012 (exp 03/03/2012)

2 * Publix Organic Tortilla Chips $2.00/each

4 * Kraft Shredded Cheese 1 Lb Bags $3.49/each, Sale price $4.99, use the coupon for Kraft Shredded Cheese, 14-16 oz,  PUBLIX COUPON $1/1 01/08/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/12/2012)  combined with the coupon for $0.50/2 from longer available)

2 * Yoplait Kids Yogurt 4 pk for $.99/each, Sale price $1.99, use the coupon for $2/2 Yoplait Yogurt Kids, Trix Yogurt, or GoGurt, PUBLIX COUPON Publix Booklet, Running Out, Run In (exp 02/25/2012)

2 * Oscar Mayer Beef Bologna for $2.65/each, BOGO no coupon

6 * Honey Kix Cereal for $1.67/each, BOGO, regular price $3.99, used 2 of the coupon for General Mills Cereal $1/3 01/08/2012 GM Insert (exp 02/18/2012)

2 * Parkay Spread at $1.99/each, No sale, I just had to have some for my dairy free kiddo.

1 * Blistex Lip Balm at $.30/each, Sale price $1.00, use the coupon for Blistex Lip Care Product $0.35/1 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/31/2012) which doubled

1 * Kraft Handi Snacks Oreos $2.89/each, No sale just a treat for the children

2 * Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites $.24/each, On sale for 50% off, regular price $2.49, used 2 of the coupon for Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites Variety $0.50/1 01/08/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/28/2012) which doubled

2 * Oscar Meyer Weiners at $3.09/each, Oops I accidentally grabbed the wrong ones that were not BOGO and JUST now noticed as I’m going over my receipt.  Oh well, they were supposed to be BOGO, 3.59/each, used the coupon for $1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, TARGET COUPON 01/29/2012 (exp 03/03/2012)

1 * Publix Greenwise Soy Milk for $2.69/each

3 * Coffee Mate Creme Brulee’ for $1.88/each, sale price $2.50, used the coupon for $1.85/3 Coffee-Mate Creamers 01/24/2012 (exp 02/05/2012)

2 * Phazyme ($2.02 Moneymaker), Priced at $3.49, used 2 of the coupons for $2/1 Phazyme 09/23/2010 Living Well Essentials Rolling PLUS the coupon for $5/2 Os-Cal, Citrucel, Ecotrin, Tagamet, Debrox, Gaviscon, Phazyme, Sominex or GlyOxide,PUBLIX COUPON Publix Green Flyer, Sweetheart Savings (exp 02/17/2012) 01/28/2012

2 * International Delight Coffee Creamer at $1.17/each, Sale pirce $1.67, used the coupon for $1/2 International Delight found in store in front of product.

2 * Swanson Chicken Broth at $1.00/each, Sale price $2.00, used 2 of the coupon for $1/1 Swanson Broth or Stock PUBLIX Coupon

2 * Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.00/each, Sale price $1.50, use the coupon for $1/2 Kraft Cheese Items, excludes single serve, TARGET COUPON 01/29/2012 (exp 03/03/2012)

2 * Nabisco Ritz Crackers $1.19/each, BOGO, used the coupon for $1/2 Nabisco Cracker Items, TARGET COUPON 01/29/2012 (exp 03/03/2012)

4 * Red Gold Canned Tomatoes at $.50/each, Sale price $1.00, used 2 of the coupon for $1/2 found in front of product in store.

1 * Can Refried Beans  at $1.25/each – Not on sale, but I needed for a Mexican Layer Dip Recipe.

1 * Can Kraut at $.85/each – not on sale, but gotta have it with the hot dogs.

2 * Newman’s Salsa at $1.00/each, Sale price $2.00, used the coupon for $1/1 found on longer available)

4 * Cascadian Farms Granola Bars at $1.99/each , sale price at $3.99, use the coupon for $1/2 Cascadian Frams Granola Bars 02/01/2012 (exp 03/02/2012) combined with the PUBLIX coupon for $3/2 from the Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer

2 * Apple & Eve Juice at $1.20/each, BOGO, regular price $3.49, used 2 of the coupons for $0.55/1 Apple and Eve Fruitables, 8 pk Juice Boxes or 64 oz Bottle 11/04/2011 Printable Rolling

 1 * Baby Cut Carrots at $1.29/bag

1 * Guacamole Dip at $2.50/each – not on sale but also needed this for the Mexican Layer Dip Recipe.

4 * Muir Glen Tomato Paste $.59/each – Sale price $1.09, used 2 of the coupon for $1/2 Muir Glen Products 02/01/2012 (exp 03/02/2012)

1 * Pompeian Olive Oil for $2.32/each, BOGO regular price $6.65 used the coupon for $1/1 Pompeian Olive Oil

1 * Mt. Olive Pickles for $.49/each, BOGO, regular price $2.99, used the coupon for Mt. Olive Pickles, Peppers, or Relish Product $1/1 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 04/08/2012)

1 * Kraft May for $2.59/each, BOGO, regular price $5.17 – no coupon but a good deal

2 * Dreamfield Spaghetti $.67/each, Sale price $1.67, used 2 of the coupon for $1/1 Dreamfields Pasta Product 10/22/2011 Dreamsfield Rolling

Roma Tomatoes at $.99/lb

Total for all was $144.27

….PLUS I got 2 of the $10 Publix Gift cards back because my total was over $200 before my coupons!

Go check out all the Current Publix Deals right now and make your own list, calculate your savings and trip total and print or email your list.

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