It seems like I’ve been shopping less often lately since the summer started.  We’ve traveled a bit, and I’ve been stocked up so it’s worked out well.  I usually try not to spend over $100 each week on groceries so this total may seem high, but I haven’t been shopping since my last Publix Shopping trip other than to have Bryan pick up a few needed items so I feel really good about this trip.

We just got back from a week long vacation so I had to pay full price for some things.  I was totally out of trash bags & didn’t see a deal right away.  I went ahead & picked up a box to get me through till the next deal.  I think overall it was a really good trip.  I was able to stock up on a few things like barbecue sauce.  Plus….I got tons of great produce.  Is anyone else so super excited about the Fresh Cherries on sale?  I would probably buy them at full price because I love them so much(well, maybe).

I found a few great tearpads and a couple of peelies in the store that went great with my list.  There was a tearpad for $1.50 off fresh fruit when you buy Fig Newtons (which are BOGO).  Also, There was a peelie for $1.00 off Fresh Chicken when you buy Hellman’s Mayo(also BOGO).

I also had a Winn Dixie coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase from the Enjoy the City Booklet that I used as a competitor’s coupon.

Most of these deals are still available.  You can see all the Publix Deals this week here.

Here’s a breakdown of my Publix Shopping Trip:


Note: I picked up 2 of the Fig Newtons and used 2 of the Tearpad coupons for $1.50 off fruit wyb Fig Newtons.

Yellow Corn 6 for $2

Blueberries $1.99

Cherries $8.34 – I know, expensive, but they are rarely this low and man they are good!

Bananas $4.20 – That’s alot for bananas too, but I have 6 monkeys at my house that love bananas.


Boneless Skinless Chicken breast at $2.99/lb – $13.07, I used the peelie for $1/1 Chicken wyb Hellmann’s Mayo.

1 * Land O’Frost Ham $3.99/each

1 * Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat at $4.99/each



9 * Capri Sun Roaring Waters at $1.75/each – Sale price $2.00, used 3 of the coupons for Capri Sun, 10 ct $0.75/3 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 07/30/2012).  Note:  I didn’t realize until I got these home that they had High Fructose Corn Syrup in them.  I usually try to avoid that, especially in drinks, so you might want to keep that in mind if you’re avoiding too.  Kids didn’t care though, and they have already gone through 2 boxes.


2 * Publix Crumbled Cheese $2.00/each – I picked up a Feta for Greek Salad and some Bleu Cheese for a Buffalo Chicken Salad.

1 * Jell-O Chocolate Pudding Snacks $1.40/each, sale price $2.00.  Used the coupon for JELL-O Refrigerated Snacks $0.60/1 06/10/2012 SS Insert (exp 07/10/2012)

2 * Lenders Bagels $1.09/each, BOGO, regular price $2.19

3 * Parkay Spread Squeeze at $1.99/each

4 * International Delight Skinny Caramel Macchiato Coffee Creamer at $1.12/each, sale price $1.67, used the coupons for $0.55/1 International Delight.  There were also blinkie coupons for $1/2 on the aisle.

2 * Publix Greenwise Soymilk at $2.69/each


2 * Quaker Instant Grits $1.29/each, BOGO, regular price $2.59, no coupons.

2 * Nabisco Wheat Thins $1.75/each, BOGO, regular price $4.49.  I found a peelie on these for $1/2.

1 * Yakisoba Noodles FREE, Sale price $.99/each, used the coupon for Maruchan Yakisoba Product $0.50/1 05/20/2012 SS Insert (exp 07/31/2012)  which doubled

1 * Aunt Jemima Syrup $2.05/each, BOGO, regular price $4.09.  I was out so just picked up one.

1 * Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese $1.30, BOGO, regular price $2.59

8 * Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce $0.65/each, BOGO, regular price $2.29, used 4 of the coupon for Jack Daniel’s BBQ, 19 oz+ $1/2 05/20/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/31/2012)

2 * Ruffles Potato Chips $2.15/each, BOGO, regular price $4.29

2 * Publix Spaghetti Noodles $1.39/each

2 * Nabisco Fig Newtons $2.15/each, BOGO, regular price $4.29.  I wasn’t planning on getting these so I didn’t have the coupon for them.  However, I found a tearpad for $1.50 off fruit wyb 1 so I had to grab a couple of boxes since I was buying fruit anyway.

Publix Alphabet Pasta at $1.39/each

1 * Hellman’s Easy Out Mayonnaise $1.50/each, BOGO, regular price $4.99, use the coupon for Hellman’s, 16.5 oz+ (no trial) $1/1 05/20/12 RP Insert (exp 06/17/12)

2 * Mt. Olive Sweet Relish at $1.19/each, BOGO, regular price $2.39


2 * Birds Eye Steamfresh Brown Rice FREE, Sale price $1.99 with 50% off.  Used the coupon for $0.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh which doubled.

2 * Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli $1.25/each, no coupon

1 * Tyson Chicken Nuggets bag $5.99/each


1 * Publix Trash Bags $3.89

1 * Fabuloso Lavender at $1.67/each

2 * GE Reveal Light Bulbs $1.75/pack, BOGO, regular price $5.49, use the coupon for GE Lighting Products, selected $1/1 04/15/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/15/2012)

2 * Ziploc Freezer Bags $2.00/each, Sale price $2.50, use the coupon for Ziploc brand bags $1/2 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/16/2012)

My total was $132.16, and I saved $105.03.