I just found out yesterday that Publix digital coupons are now in my area.  So..I wanted to email them to ask a few questions to be sure I was using them properly.  Here’s a list of my questions along with the answers I received from Publix.

Publix Digital Coupons Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are these manufacturer’s coupons or Publix store coupons?  If manufacturer’s coupons can they be stacked with Publix store coupons for extra savings?

The coupons are Manufacturer Coupons but they cannot be stacked with Publix store coupons.

2.  Will the coupons apply to multiples of each item?  For example, if the coupon is for $.50 off 1 box of cereal can I buy 2 and will the coupon apply to both?

You can only use a certain coupon for one purchase at a time.

3.  If my store doubles coupons will the digital coupon also double?

There is no Doubling with Digital Coupons.

4.  Will the coupons remain on the site until they are expired or do they have a limit?

The number of times you can click a Coupon if determined by the Manufacturer but most of them can only be clipped once ( they will not show on your page if not available). Coupons will remain on the website until they expire… There is no limit!

Find out here if your store is participating, and to sign up for the coupons.