Publix Coupon Deals from 5/30-6/5 (5/29-6/4 in some areas)


There are tons of great deals at Publix for the ad that starts this week.

These deals start Wednesday in Alabama and Thursday in Central Florida and other locations!

If you’re new to this be sure to read Extreme Couponing at Publix.  Also check out my Publix Coupon Shopping Video!

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Publix Ad Deals this week :

Ad Dates 5/30-6/5 (5/29-6/4 in some areas)



22 thoughts on “Publix Coupon Deals from 5/30-6/5 (5/29-6/4 in some areas)”

  1. is is just me not finding a way to make a list and print it or is the website playing games today. I have closed your site and reopened three times. I can click on the items I want on my list, but then it goes nowhere from there and no buttom to click that states (print my list, etc). When I click on add to my coupon list button — nothing happens there either.

  2. Hey Rae,

    Is this the first time you’ve tried it or have you been able to print it before? You might need to disable your pop-up blocker for this site for the list to come up.

    Let me know if that doesn’t help.


  3. Morning, Holly … still having trouble with the list … coupons still aren’t showing …

  4. Hi Kathy,

    It looks like the coupons are there now. Not sure what’s going on. I see some are still having trouble with the list. Let me check on it & see what I can find.


  5. Hey Kathy, Marquita & Rae — If you are still having the problem would you mind shooting me an email to let me know exactly what you’re clicking & what happens. Also let me know what browser and operating system you are using.

    holly at


  6. Hi Holly

    I’m trying again today as I gave up on last week’s. I have windows 7 and using IE. I can click on all the items I want but no button comes up that says create my list, etc. I know in the past I’ve had no issues printing and the list populated then. I also tried to get to your link via Money Saving Mom’s but the entire list is missing (but the CREATE my list is there). ?? I’m just going to use the print button on my browser and have to use the ENTIRE list instead of only the ones I want. Sorry to be a pest.

    1. Hey Rae,

      If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the list there should be a button that says “add to coupon list”. Does that show up for you? If so does anything come up when you click it?


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