Do you ever see a price in the store or in an ad and wonder if something is really as great a deal as the store says it is?

It happens all the time.  A store will put some type of “GREAT DEAL”, “SUPER DEAL”, “WOW”, or some other type of verbage on a sale price to let you know that they REALLY want you to buy that product RIGHT NOW!

Of course the store wants you to buy it, but unfortunately we can’t trust the ones who are selling the stuff to let us know if something really is a hot deal.  There’s a great example here of when a deal’s not really a deal.

That’s why…..I made a little something for you!  I am frequently asked the question – What’s a good deal on _____?  or ___?  or any other number of products.

I’ve put together a print friendly version of my grocery price chart.  Here’s a little information about what you’ll find:

  • Prices on the chart are good sale prices on that product.
  • These Prices are typically the highest I will pay for these items regardless of coupon availability.
  • The prices to not include prices after coupon so your buy price can be much lower if you have a coupon to match these sale prices.  That’s the ideal situation:)
  • The products are not all-inclusive.  I know I’m missing some things.  If you see something you really want to have added just let me know in the comments.
  • These items include only food products.  I am working on one for non-food items.
  • These are typical prices in my state of Alabama and generally in the South.  If you are in a different region of the country your typical prices might vary.

Go here to See the Printable Grocery Price Chart.  Print it & keep it handy when you check out those sale ads.

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