Pretty Paint Chip Calendar

Pretty Paint Chip Calendar

Paint chip samples are great for so many crafting needs. Take a look below at how we used a few to create a fun dry erase calendar perfect for keeping your organized. With just $1 in supplies and a few paint chips, you can do the same!

Supplies needed:

Supplies for a Paint Chip Calendar

  • 5-7 paint chip strips
  • Frame
  • Scissors
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Tape or glue

You can find paint chips at your local retail that sells paint. Just grab 5-7 of various colors. You can create a pattern if you wish or just get a rainbow selection as we did.

We created a M-F frame, using 5 paint chips. Feel free to grab a larger frame and two additional strips if you wish to add the weekend to yours. We used a frame from our local dollar store and a dry erase marker we had on hand, making this project a whole $1 to complete.

DIY Paint Chip Calendar

1. Begin by removing the back of the picture frame. Set aside.
2. Cut your paint chips to fit. For our frame, we had to cut off one square on each.
3. On the frame backing, apply your strips nice and evenly. We added a little tape to the back of our strips to hold them in place. Just line them up next to each other.
4. Return the backing to the frame. Secure it in place.
5. Use your dry erase marker to write directly on the glass. You can write the days of the week as we did, then use the marker to fill in tasks for each day. When done, you can just take a damp cloth and wipe away any notes to start over!

Dry Erase Paint Chip Calendar

This pretty paint chip calendar is a great way to stay organized for just pennies. Gather your supplies and try crafting your own!