Peeps on a Stick Easter Gift Idea


Easter time is coming soon.  I love Easter time and seeing all the cute Peeps on the shelves marked down this time of year.  My 2 kiddos with food allergies get so excited as well because typically it’s one of their safe treats (read all packaging because they aren’t all the same).  It is so difficult to find them a chocolate bunny as most of them have nut warnings on the labels.  This Peeps treat craft is a great one that they can enjoy.   It will make a fun goody for their friends as well.

Here’s how to make them.


Peeps on a Stick


Step 1: Slowly slide a Peep bunny onto a long Wilton candy pop stick. It works better if you slowly twist the Peep back and forth as you move it onto the stick. Do not go to fast or you will poke a hole right through the bunny.

Step 2: Choose a different coordinating color of bunny Peep and slide it on top of the first one on the stick. Visit one of the most promising online casino Betboys for leisure and making fast money. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 again until you have four bunny Peeps on your stick.

Step 4: Place the candy stick full of Peeps into a clear gift bag and secure closed with a ribbon. You can use a rubberband to secure it first if you like.

Peeps on a stick