When I found out I was selected to do a Make & Take Party from Collective Bias I was sooo excited! I was to get together with friends & make some healthy meals to stick in the freezer to use in case of sickness.

Freezer cooking is one of my favorite things. I love having meals in the freezer all ready to go!

For my Make & Take Get-Together I chose 2 old faithful recipes and 1 new one to try.

1) Lasagna
2) Vegetable Beef Soup
3) Broccoli Chicken Casserole from Once A Month Mom.

We had such a blast at the Make & Take Party!

Food isn’t the only thing to have on hand in case of illness. Pedialyte is one of those things you should definitely be stocked up on when sickness strikes. Pedialyte can help those little ones in case of dehydration.   Ask your doctor if Pedialyte is right for your kiddos.  Pedialyte now comes in these really nice juice box type packages to help with ease of use and less waste.

How do they taste? Is your kid gonna like them?  Well, after doing a taste test of the Apple flavor tonight I think yes.  They actually taste pretty good!  In fact I don’t think my little ones will know a difference between them & a regular juice box.  It tasted just like apple juice to me.

You can go here to find the store nearest you that carries the  Pedialyte singles.

If youwant to stock up on Pedialyte be sure to get this coupon for $1.50 off on Pedialyte!

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