You may have seen the name Amanda show up on many of the posts here lately.  Amanda is a great friend who has been helping me out around here for the past few months.  You can find her at  She told me about a great deal the other day that I have to share.

I received a Vitamix last year for my birthday and I have been wanting to try grinding wheat with it for a while now so I decided to buy a bag.

I’ve read here that making bread from whole wheat berries has great health benefits!  I will definitely be posting about my experience once it comes in.  Kelli has some great Whole Grain Recipes and tips for How to use your Wheat Berries too.

Here’s the Deal:

Get Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries for only $.89/lb at Whole Foods!

That is a great deal.  You can purchase smaller portions, but if you need larger quantities you’ll want to call ahead & pre-order.  My Whole Foods here in Alabama had this deal as well as Amanda’s in another state so this seems to be a national deal.  However, I would call first if you’re making a special trip.

This deal ends on 10/30.

Whole Foods has