I am so super duper excited to announce some new features on iGoBOGO!

The printable shopping list has been around for a while, but there are some fun additions that will make shopping even easier.

You can now do the following with your shopping list:

  • Change the Quantity of items on your list
  • Calculate your Shopping Trip Total
  • Calculate your Shopping Trip Savings
  • Print Your List
  • Find Recipes to go with the deals – notice the little recipes button next to certain deals.  (More Recipes Coming Soon)

Coming Very Soon You’ll be able to email your list to your email address.

Just a few Important Notes:

  1. The deals are calculated based on my store prices so the calculated total may be a little different than your actual total.
  2. I base the final price with doubled coupons included.  If your store doesn’t double then the totals will be a little off.  Please know that I am working on this and will have a solution for you guys in the land of no doubles very soon.

Ready to get started?

Go choose your store and create your own printable shopping list!