I have a love-hate relationship with Pop Tarts.  I don’t care for them myself (unless they are warmed with butter on top), but my kids love them, my 2 boys with food allergies can have them, and they are easy to grab for a quick breakfast.

However, and maybe it’s just my kiddos, but there’s always such a mess to clean up afterwards with the crumbs.  Plus, there’s the fact that they have HFCS in them which makes my kids wild for a little while afterwards.

Even so, I will probably be grabbing this deal anyway.

There’s a great new coupon out that should make for a nice deal if you have stores that double.

Get a coupon here for $0.50/1 Pop Tarts.

The larger boxes are on sale at Publix for $2.50 right now so get them for only $1.50 after the coupon if your store doubles.

Thanks For The Mommas!

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