UPDATE:  Go here for information about the 2013 National Beef Recall.


Here’s a recall that you all might want to know about. National Beef Packing Co. of Dodge City Kansas has recalled thousands of pounds of ground beef & ground chuck product to to possible E-Coli contamination.

NOTE: Updated on 8/15 am to include Kroger stores.

Here’s more information from the USDA which doesn’t include store names, but I did a little searching & found some articles that might help you determine if you have the contaminated meat.

Walmart/Sam’s Beef Recall Information

Publix Beef Recall Information

Winn Dixie Beef Recall Information

Kroger Southeast Beef Recall Information

There may have been other store affected, but these were the ones I could find at this time.  I will keep you guys posted if I find anymore that have been added.

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