One of the things that we spend a good chunk of our grocery bill on is meat. I have 6 growing younguns & a hubby who likes his protein so meat is just one of those things that is a necessity in my family, but rare to find coupons for.  I usually get my meat from Winn Dixie because they always have great deals on meat plus it’s good quality.  Publix has an excellent meat selection, but typically they don’t have the lowest prices on it. Although right now Publix has Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast for $1.99/lb – Great Deal!

My mom gave me a coupon that she got from Winn Dixie for $5.00 off a $55 purchase that was to expire on Monday so I decided to use it to do a little meat stock up.  The picture isn’t very good, but hopefully you can still see what I got.  Boy the sun sure was bright that day.

I was able to get the following for around $52:

  • 3 Family sized packs of Lean Ground Beef (About 9-10 lbs)
  • 2 Big Packs of Split Chicken Breast on sale Buy 1, Get 1 Free
  • 2 Roasts that were Buy 1, Get 1 Free (Can’t wait to get one of these in the Crockpot..yum!)
  • 2 Jars of Mt. Olive Pickles on sale BOGO(no coupons, but needed them anyway)
  • Bottle of Juicy Juice for the little ones
  • 12 Pack of Dr. Pepper(They were on sale for around $2.50.  Not awesome but hey, it’ll satisfy mine & huby’s Dr. Pepper craving.  I had to get to $55 to use the coupon, right?)

The ground beef is now safely tucked away in my freezer separated into 1 lb portions.  I also put the chicken & the roasts in the freezer.  So…I’m all stocked up on meat for a little while & I think I got some great deals!

I still have yet to do my Publix stock up trip this week so I’ll have more on that later. See the Best Deals at Winn Dixie this week!