I was so excited about the great deal at Whole Foods today on Organic Blueberries! They had them for $1.99/pint or $21 for a whole case!

My family loves blueberries so we decided to go for the case.  A low price for non-organic blueberries is $1.99 so this was a super sweet deal!    We also picked up some milk by the case which makes it a great deal.  I found out about this from Birmingham Mommy a few weeks ago & have been getting our milk this way since.

Here’s the Whole Foods Milk Deal:

1 Gallon of Whole Foods Milk sells for $2.69(still a great price)

There are 4 to a case so if you buy 4 you can get a 10% case Discount.

That makes it only $9.68 for 4 gallons of Hormone-antibiotic free milk!

Great Deal!

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