I was very pleased with my shopping trip this week. I got alot of stuff & I only paid $47.08 plus tax for $165 worth of groceries!(sorry the pic is so bad)

Here’s a Breakdown:

4 Loaves of Bread

1 Newspaper

9 bottles of Coffee-Mate($1.67/each minus 9 x .50/1 coupons that doubled = $.67/each)

2 Silk Soy Milk($2.99/each minus $.55/1 blinkie found in store = $1.44/each)

8 Fiber one Yogurt($1.25/each minus 8 $.50/1 coupons that doubled = $.25/each)

2 Country Crock Spread($1.00/each minus 2 $.50/1 coupons that doubled making them FREE).

Yellow Onions($1.20)


3 packs Zeigler Bologna($1.50/each)

6 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix($1.34/each minus $.40/1 coupons which double making them $.50/each)

3 Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal($2.20/each minus $1/3 coupon making them $1.87/each)

2 Gallons Whole Milk($3.19/each)

2 1/2 Gallons Chocolate Milk($2.65 minus a coupon for free chocolate milk when you buy milk making them FREE)

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate(Free with a Coupon from the Savvy Blogging Dinner)

10 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks(these are rationed I promise;)  They were $1.40/each minus 5 $.50/2 coupons which doubled making them $.90/each.

2 cans of Blue Diamond Almonds(These were $1.70 minus a $1.50/2 coupon I found in the store making them $.95/each)

Yoplait Strawberry Cheescake cup- Delicious!!(Free with coupon from Savvy Blogging)

6 Bottles of Juicy Juice(These were also Free with coupons from Savvy Blogging)

Yoplait Kids Yogurt Multi Pack(free from Savvy Blogging)

That makes the grand total $47.08 + Tax!!

I did save alot using the Free product coupons which I typically don’t have, but would be nice:)  Thanks to Savvy Blogging for providing them!

So how’d you do this week?  I’d love to hear about it!!