I did ok with this shopping trip, but I spent more than I usually do.  I didn’t go shopping the week before though so this is really 2 weeks worth.

I ended up getting about $225 worth of groceries, but I only spend $89 + tax!

That’s $138 worth of savings!

I was totally out of cereal so with the 50% off sale combined with my coupons I bought 10 boxes.  With a family our size it won’t last too long though.

I also have a 4 yr old allergic to milk so I stocked up on the Silk while it was on sale.  I also got rice, oatmeal, Milk, lots of sandwich meat,  yogurt, cheese, Chicken Nuggets & a few other things.

I really messed up on the Oreos. I got 2 packs & had a coupon for a free pack when you buy 1 pack & a gallon of milk.  I didn’t realize it until I was checking out that it had expired!  They were already in the bottom of the buggy & my twins were ready to go so I paid $8.00 for 2 packs of Oreos!! UGH!!!

However, My kids & hubby were not as disappointed as I was.  In fact, I think they were thrilled about it!

Did you have a good shopping trip this week?  I’d love to hear about it.