It’s been a while since I posted one of my shopping trips.  I asked Bryan to stop at the store on his way home for a couple of things, and when he came in with the goods I just couldn’t resist taking a picture.

In his defense I do want to mention that the man does know how to spot a deal and use those coupons! See how he did here shopping at Piggly Wiggly.  He also spotted a sweet deal at Publix during this shopping trip.

I had decided not to do a big shopping trip this week as I am pretty stocked up on everything.  I did need some bread and milk though, and I wanted to get some of the chicken that’s on sale so I asked my hubby to stop and grab a few things.

He was hungry going in so you know how that goes. We now have plenty of Tyson Chicken, Hot Dogs, and sandwich meat.  I accidentally left out of the picture a few Sobe Waters. They were out of the chicken I wanted, but my man is so awesome that he thought to get a raincheck!! You can see it right there in the picture.

He ended up getting $110 worth of groceries for $99.

This is just an example of how we used to shop before we started using coupons.  If I had been with him in those days during this trip I would’ve thrown another $100-$200 worth of groceries in too.

While this is a rare shopping trip for us, I’m so thankful that we’ve found a way to save money on our groceries by using coupons.  You can see some of my coupon shopping trips here.

You can save over 75% on your Grocery Bill with these coupon matchups!

Disclaimer: Bryan works very hard for our money so that I can stay home with the children, and he is well within his rights to spend as much as he’d like at the store on whatever he’d like to buy:)