One of the hardest things about healthier eating is balancing meals for my family and myself.  I love to eat all the not so low calorie meals that my kiddos love, but when I’m trying to eat healthier those things are not on the approved list.  The most difficult time to balance this is lunchtime.  Many times during lunch I will fix my kiddos Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, Sandwiches, Fish Sticks or other foods they love.  It is way too easy to blow my eating plan & just eat what they’re eating because I love those foods too!

I recently had an opportunity from Collective Bias to try out some Lean Cuisine.  I love Lean Cuisine Meals because they are so easy to grab & heat when I need a quick lunch.  I usually add a salad or a few other veggies to add a little bulk without adding many calories, and they are really good!  Lean Cuisine Meals are definitely a big part of helping me stay on track while trying to eat fewer calories.  Plus….they taste really great and have a great price $1.98/each!

Another difficult part of being on a diet is staying away from desserts.  I have a major sweet tooth especially for chocolate!  I was so glad to find Skinny Cow Frozen Treats!  They have all different kinds for every taste.  I especially loved the Chocolate Vanilla Sandwiches!  Yummy!

You can see how my Lean Cuisine & Collective Bias shopping trip went here:

More check-ins at Walmart Supercenter #4497
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I was compensated for this post by Collective Bias, but all experiences and opinions are mine.