Use Manufacturer’s Coupons with sales

This is something I talk about often on this blog, but using manufacturer’s coupons combined with a sale is the best way to get the most savings at most stores.  Target accepts most manufacturer’s coupons that come from the Sunday paper as well as printable internet coupons.

Use Target store coupons combined with manufacturer’s coupons

Target has  lots of printable store coupons on their web site. Some are manufacturer’s coupons, but most are Target store coupons you can use to combine with manufacturer’s coupons to get extra savings.

Take the Target Coupon Policy with you

Go here to print a copy of the Target Store Coupon Policy. Unfortunately you may need it if you have a cashier that’s unfamiliar with the Target store policy.

Price Match

Target will match the price of items found in competitor’s ads.  Just take it in with you & you’ll get the price.  Be sure to combine the Target price match with Target Coupons and Manufacturer’s coupons to get the best deals.  You can see the Target Price Match Policy here.

Get Target coupons on your Mobile Phone

If you have a cell phone that gets unlimited texting you should sign up for Target Mobile Coupons.  They send out coupons once a month to your cell phone.  They are store coupons that can be combined with Manufacturer’s coupons for extra savings.

You can see the latest Target deals for this week here.

Do you have anything to add?  How do you save money by shopping at Target?

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