It takes a few weeks to get into a routine at the beginning of the school year, but once you do your house is in order and everything has a place.  Summer months come along and everything goes out the window.  Schedules change, chores are different and kids junk is everywhere.

Here is How To Keep Your House In Order This Summer with ease.  Not only can you quickly set the standard for your kids in your home, you will set a pattern that easily transitions when back to school time arrives.


How To Keep Your House In Order This Summer

KEEP THE DAILY ROUTINE:  Do you have a routine during the school year?  Don’t stop using it in the summer.  Simply adapt as needed.  Keep the kids getting up at a set time each day (can be later of course).  Make chore charts and stick with them.  Keep breakfast and dinner at the same times if possible.

ADD MORE CHORES TO THE LIST:  With kids home every day from school there will be more clean up and added chores.  Don’t let the kids get away with making messes and not cleaning them up.  Add daily clean up to their chore list.  Also add in things like fixing breakfast or lunch to the list that may not be on their school year schedule.  Older kids can easily put together oatmeal or cereal for breakfast and sandwiches or wraps for lunch.

KEEP WET THINGS OUTSIDE:  Sprinklers, pools, water guns and more make their way into your life during summer months.  Running in and out in wet shoes, bathing suits or shorts is common during the summer, but it also brings a mess for you to clean up.  Create an area in your mud room or on your deck for wet things to stay. This could even be outdoor garden furniture. If you don’t have an outside changing area, create a simple one with some pvc pipe and shower curtain on your back deck for quick changes before kids track water through your house. Here are these reasons why one should get their roof replaced and get some renovation done before it’s too late.

TURN OFF THE ELECTRONICS:  Summer can mean kids and adults alike are stuck to their electronics.  From movies to game systems and video games, electronics often over take our lives without us realizing it.  Set select days each week where there are no electronics allowed during select hours. This comes a long way in electricity conservation. And turning on the AC system in summers is almost ineluctable. But when you do, ensure that your AC holds the right Air Filter Size, because this also contributes to the amount of electricity used.

TOYS STAY IN BEDROOMS:  Don’t find your entire home overrun with toys this summer.  Make a rule that all toys stay in bedrooms.  Enforce it by taking away any toy found in other parts of the house.  You can set the rules according to your home and kids, but sticking to the rules is mandatory for this to work.  Whether you throw away, donate or hold for a length of time, a toy that isn’t in it’s room is subject to removal and possession by the parent.

Planning ahead and sticking to a solid routine will help you be able to stay on top of things this summer.  How to keep your house in order this summer is simply when you set the standard early in the break and follow through.  Kids will almost always appreciate the routines and thrive within them when given the opportunity.  Check with your spouse and your kids to determine the areas that need the most improvement over years past and focus your energy there this year.