How to Keep Rabbits Out Of Gardens

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Gardens

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If you know how to keep rabbits out of your garden you can save your food supply without having to harm any woodland creatures. There are some really simple techniques you can use that won’t harm the animals, but will keep them from wanting to get into your vegetable supply.


Fencing is a great way to keep rabbits out of your garden because it also keeps other pests from your garden. Use taller fencing with smaller openings near the bottom to keep all pests out. If you only have small pests to worry about use the 1′ to 1 ½’ rabbit fence. To keep animals from digging under the fence Fort Worth Fence Company, put a portion of the fence below ground or add a string of barbed wired under the ground below the rabbit fence. You might also consider an electric fence.

Scare Tactics

Rabbits are afraid of predators who might harm them. If they get the idea that a predator like a tom cat is near the garden, they will avoid it. One method is to encourage your cat or dog to visit the perimeter of your garden. You can also sprinkle used kitty litter around the perimeter or around specific plants.

Humans are considered predators too. To leave a lasting scent in the garden, place old clothes, hair from a brush, or old shoes around the garden. The rabbit will smell the scent and won’t want to enter the garden.

Make it Distasteful

You can make a garden distasteful to a rabbit. If you have a love for woodland creatures, be sure to use foods that won’t harm them. Hot sauce diluted in water can be sprayed around the garden to make rabbits avoid the area. The problem is that hot sauce can cause health issues for many animals. A better choice is ground pepper. Sprinkle ground pepper around your garden to make it distasteful. The rabbits don’t like the pepper, but it won’t hurt them when they get their one and only taste of it.

Feed the Rabbits

Animals are more apt to seek out food sources that are easy for them to access. You might plant a small garden area away from your own for them. For example, if you have a wooded area, make a small garden in it for the rabbits to enjoy. Try to keep it close to their den if you can. This will encourage them to eat from their own garden instead of yours.

Sometimes it takes a combination of efforts to learn how to keep rabbits from your garden. Pesticides work, but they can also pollute your own food. Make sure whatever you use is safe for your pets and family.