It appears that Season 2 of Extreme Couponing is starting up soon. I was very disappointed in the teaser clip that came out this week.  The couponer profiled on the video definitely doesn’t practice Golden Rule Couponing AT ALL!

You can see the preview of Extreme Couponing Season 2 here.

One of the  Extreme Couponers – “Michelle”, is a shelf clearer.  Shelf clearing is a selfish act that gives couponers a bad name. It’s so frustrating to get to the store with your list and coupons only to have half the things you wanted missing from the shelves.  I’m not talking about taking the last 2 or 4 items, but completely clearing the shelves is just  ridiculous.

Her selfish shelf clearing habits have also caused her to have a stockpile that is way over the top.  I have a fairly large family and that stockpile is way overkill even for us.  I can’t imagine she’d ever use it all unless she stopped couponing for several YEARS!! This selfishness is also evidenced in the way she talks about and treats others on the show.

I can’t imagine smugly looking at another shopper and stating “Sorry…early bird gets the worm”.

Yeah, but doesn’t the early bird take what she needs to feed her family& leaves the rest for others?  #justsayin

What do you think?  Will you be watching the show?