I did a Publix run yesterday to pick up a few things & was so excited to find this moneymaker deal on Ronzoni Pasta!

Here’s the Deal

  • Ronzoni Pasta is Buy 1, Get 1 Free at $1.39/each.
  • The Quick Cook Penne Rigate is included in the BOGO sale.
  • I found Peelies on the Penne Rigate for $.50 off any Quick Cook Pasta.  They were red and stuck to the front of the box.
  • The Math:
    – Purchase 2 of the Penne Rigate at BOGO for $1.39 total.
    – Use 2 of the peelies for $.50 off(will double if your store doubles) for $2.00 off.
    – Get $.61 in OVERAGE on your order(if your store allows overage)!

Notes: If your store doesn’t double this is still a hot deal – You’d get them for $.20/each! I checked the price on some of the other Quick Cook Pasta & they weren’t included in the BOGO, only the Penna Rigate.