This is an amazing deal!  If you are buying for college students or anyone else who needs to have portable storage this is a great gift.

One of Best Buy’s Doorbuster deals today is a USB 2.0 Sandisk Flash Drive 128 GB for only $19.99 — that is a great deal!  The only catch is that you can’t have it shipped.  You’ll have to order it and pick it up in store.  Also, notice it’s a 2.0 USB, NOT 3.0.

You can also get the same drive from Amazon right now for $21.99 and have it shipped to you. (Click Here)

However…here’s a better deal.  Amazon has a 128 GB Flash Drive with 3.0 USB for the same price – $19.99!  The 3.0 will make a nice difference in speed so it’s definitely better even thought it’s not a name brand.    Click here for it.