If you’ve been reading for a while then you probably already know this about me, but I am a homeschooler.  We have been homeschooling our kiddos for years and absolutely LOVE IT!

While parents across the country are busy preparing for their kiddos to go back to school, we homeschoolers are doing some of the same things to pick back up where we left off.

My friend Kerry Beck is helping homeschoolers start their new year right with her 3rd Annual Homeschool Super Heroes Week.  You can listen to these Homeschool Super Heroes interviews for free.  You’ll also be able to listen to me talk about saving money on meals and groceries.

Here’s how . . .

Check out the Homeschool Super Hero Interviews here.  They are free to listen to.  You’ll just need to enter your email address to access them.

You’ll love these experts and their practical tips to starting your homeschool year on the right foot!  Some of the topics you’ll hear:

Jill Pike – “Teaching Reading & Writing…the Easy Way”

Holly Syx – “Coupons, Meals & Planning as a Homeschooler”

Kendra Fletcher – “How to Homeschool with Preschoolers & Teenagers”

Tiany Davis – “Homeschooling Boys”

Hunter Beck – “How to Have a Kid Business…by a Kid”

Rachael Carman – “Investing In Your Children This Year”

and more!!

While I absolutely DO NOT consider myself to be any type of Superhero, I am very honored to be included with such great folks.  I really enjoyed speaking with Homeschool Super Heroes, and even if you don’t homeschool I think you’ll still find some helpful advice and tips.

My interview will air on Wednesday 8/22 at 8:00 – I hope you’ll plan to be there!