It’s time to announce the winners for the Grateful Giveaways event! I have sent emails to the following winners who have 48 hours from when I sent the email (so until 10PM on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 ) to respond with the required information. ( If they don’t, I’ll pick new winners…)

Without further adieu …. the winners are…

The winner of the Leapfrog Giveaway is Mistysunrise.

The winner of the Cisco Giveaway is Heather.

The winner of the PlaqueWorks Giveaway is lovelyritaann.

The winner of the Forever Lily Giveaway is Pam.

The winner of the iHome Giveaway is Amber.

The 4 winners of the Jasmere Giveaway are Olive, Rebecca, Susan M, and ElizaKlinger.

The winner of the Wai Hope Giveaway is Jon.

The winner of the Glacier Outdoor Giveaway is KristinBuick.

The 2 winners of the Crocs Giveaway are Megan and Hannah M.

The winner of the Mabels Labels Giveaway is Cyndi.

The winner of the Dole Giveaway is Chrysa.

The winner of the Beamz/Big Toy Book Giveaway is Teegan Briggs.

The BIG announcement I referenced in the post title is that we have decided to do a ROUND 2 for Grateful Giveaways! We know how much you all loved the event and the sponsors are so excited to bring you all some new items that Round 2 is a go! Make sure to “like” Grateful Giveaways” on Facebook as we will be slowly announcing the Round 2 sponsors!

Round 2 will be on Wednesday, December 1 and will feature even more sponsors and prizes – over 15!

And a special thank you goes out to our sponsors that made donations in the spirit of the Season of Giving!! …. The Big Toy Book generously created a HUGE Toy Pile donation for Toys for Tots ( check out how big the toy pile has gotten!) and our friends at Dole made a very generous contribution to a local charity to feed hungry families! We love it!

Didn’t Win? …. if you didn’t win but want a Beamz they are on private sale at Big Toy Book for only $119.99 with FREE shipping! They also have free shipping at their main store on all orders over $25!

Need more gift ideas? You can find all kinds of deals on Leapfrog right now, as well as a really hot buy on the Cisco-Valet Plus Wireless Router which you can get for under $90 shipped on Amazon if you act fast. I also spotted several iHome deals on Amazon on Amazon which include free shipping as well. If you are looking for unique gift ideas …then be sure to keep an eye on the daily deals at Jasmere … we love their awesome prices!! And if you are a crocs fan … you will want to stop in and look at all of their great deals (use the coupon codes from here)

… Congrats to the winners … and stay tuned for round 2 ... you won’t believe all the awesome prizes that we have in store for you!!