Welcome to Week 3 of Freezer Cooking Weekly!  This week we’ll be cooking up some a few things to add to the freezer stash.

If you’ve been following my blog since the AL.com days you might have seen some of my freezer cooking experiences like this one and this one.  I also did some Freezer Cooking here.

I love the convenience of having a freezer full of meals for those busy days.  However, my schedule right now just doesn’t include time to spend a full day or 2 of nothing but cooking.  I still want to take advantage of the stock up sales and the abundance of beautiful produce in Alabama right now so I plan to do a modified version of freezer cooking than what I’m used to.

I will choose 1-2 things per week and prepare it to add to my freezer.  I would love it if any of you joined along!  If you missed the first week check out Freezer Cooking Weekly: Black Beans or Week 2 Freezer Cooking: Whole Chickens

This week’s Freezer cooking was a little more ambitious than the last couple of weeks, but I really wanted to take advantage of the great deals on peaches & potatoes right now!

I also added Blueberries to my freezer this week because I got a great Deal on them at Whole Foods!  I ended up separating them into freezer bags and throwing them in the freezer for use in pancakes, waffles, smoothies, etc.  But..since I didn’t give you the heads up on those I will not go into details on that here.

So, last week I mentioned that we’d be doing Peaches, Potatoes, and Ground Beef.

Here’s the plan:

Freezer Cooking This Week: Ground Beef

  • I bought 3 -  2 1/2 pounds packs of Ground Beef for this week’s freezer cooking.
  • Ground Beef is one of the easiest things to cook for the freezer.  All you have to do is brown it and season it however you’d like.
  • Once it’s done put about 2 cups each into freezer bags.
  • That’s it…You’ll then have meat ready for a quick dinner of spaghetti, tacos, etc.

Freezer Cooking This Week: Peaches

Freezer Cooking This Week: Potatoes

  • I picked up 2 of the big bags of potatoes that were on sale for $2.99 this week.
  • Peeling potatoes is such a mindless activity, but I find it very relaxing because you can’t really do anything else while you’re doing it.  Peel the potatoes & slice them into 1/4 inch cubes.
  • What you do next depends on which way you want to go with your potatoes.  I really wanted to try these Freezer Mashed Potatoes, but my 5 yr old can’t have dairy.
  • I decided to make these Frozen Hash Browns instead.  They turned out great & I can’t wait to try them!

That’s a wrap for this week, but here are a few ideas for all that ground beef we just put up:)

Ground Beef Recipes:

Taco Salad Recipe

Cabbage Soup Recipe

South of the Border Casserole

Easy Lasagna

Beef & Bean Burritos

Italian Ground Beef Braids

Next Week’s Freezer Cooking Head’s Up:

For next week’s Freezer Cooking we’ll need a bag of Sweet Vidalia Onions, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast(on sale at Winn Dixie), and Bell Peppers (On sale at Publix)

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