I was recently asked by Collective Bias to host a Tailgate Party for friends & Family using no more than $5 per person. My favorite team (Roll Tide, ahem..) had a little game coming up so I absolutely agreed!

It’s all about the football, so I wanted the menu to be as simple as possible.  I also didn’t want to spend alot of time in the kitchen.  I could’ve ordered Pizza, but at over $12 for a good one with lots of toppings that would’ve put me a little over budget.  I’d usually plan a little ahead & get my coupons together, but there was no time for that.  So I headed to Walmart to grab a few things with family in tow.

Here’s the Game Day menu:

Digiorno Pizza 4 at $3.98/each – Digiorno is a favorite around here with it’s bountiful toppings & nice thick crust.  At $3.98 it’s cheaper than delivery.  Total cost for 4 pizzas was $15.92

Cheese Dip with Rotel – this is such a quick & easy yet delicious game day snack.  Total Cost for this recipe was only $4.86

Cocktail Sausages with BBQ Sauce – Another VERY easy dish that everyone loves.  Total Cost $5.87

All this plus a couple of gallons of Sweet Tea which I already had the supplies for comes out to a grand total of $26.65! I only had 8 people & plenty leftover so this menu would likely serve atleast 15 making it less than $2.00 per person!

I know it’s not fancy, but It’s delicious!  And it’s about the football…and the company, Right?

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Disclaimer: I was compensated by Collective Bias for this post, but the experience was all mine:)