Easy DIY Fabric Flip Flops

DIY Fabric Flip Flops


Flip flops and summer go together like a hammer and nails. I personally think one can never have too many flip flops! They can be dressy, casual, or sporty. They are the perfect accessory for any summer outfit.


What’s great about these adorable DIY Fabric Flip Flops is how easy and inexpensive they are to make! The other great thing is that you can upcycle an old pair of flip flops into something new and fashionable or something perfect to match a favorite dress!

Flip Flop Macrame DIY


• flip flops

• 8 pieces of fabric approximately 1” wide and 30” long



flip flop macrame process

Step 1

Tie 4 strips of fabric around the toe strap of each flip flop. I wanted extra color so I used 2

different fabrics on each strap.

You will want to double knot the tie so that it does not come loose. I left the ends

approximately 1 1⁄2” long and they make a cute detail for between the toes.

flip flop fabric  DIY

Step 2

The strap is then covered with the fabric using a series of basic macramé knots. These knots are easy and often used in friendship bracelets or to make the now so popular paracord bracelets.

flip flop macrame steps

Using the strap of the flip flop as your center “cord” simply lay the left strip of fabric over the center and the right strip over the left as shown.

flip flop macrame DIY process

Finish the knot by slipping the right hand piece of fabric under the center and out through the loop created on the left.

Pull both strips of fabric tight to secure the knot. Continue making knots, always starting from the left. This will keep both fabric strips even in length and create a beautiful pattern.

DIY flip flop macrame

Step 3

Continue knotting the fabric using the same process until you have reached the end of the strap. At the end of the strap, tie a double knot and trim any access fabric off. You can also secure with a small dab of hot glue if you wish.

flip flops macrame

Step 4

Repeat the same steps with the other strap and with the straps on the other flip flop to finish the pair.

How to make flip flop macrame

Enjoy your Fabric Flip Flops!