Have you heard of Jingit? I had not either until about a month ago, but I’m so glad I did. It’s a really neat way to earn extra money.  As a stay at home mom, I’m always looking for ways I can add to the family income without leaving the house.  It seems like someone’s always talking about making money from home, and how they’ve found a great way to do it.  I always find many of those “ideas” so spammy and have a really difficult time determining which ones are legit.  I typically stay away from those types of things, but Jingit is totally not like that.  If I’m going to spend my time on something like this It has to be easy to do, have no strings attached, and the payoff should be worth my time.

There is absolutely no catch.  You just watch a few ads, answer a few questions, and the money is automatically added to your account.  It’s really easy to do, and the cash can add up quickly.  See my Jingit balance after only a few minutes on their site.


Cool, Huh?  Sign up for Jingit

How can you earn money with Jingit? 

  • Earn cash instantly online by watching ads and completing surveys online.  You can do so at Jingit.com or any other site that  you see the Jingit logo.  The surveys and ads are not time consuming at all and really easy to do.
  • You can also earn by completing check ins inside stores.  It’s super simple.  Just download Jingit on your smart phone with this link.

The Check-in Process was so very simple.  You just select the item on your smart phone, scan it & be done.  My kiddos had fun with me trying to find the items to scan.

They were very happy that I was going to purchase this big ‘ol pack of Go-gurt!


The check-in was very simple and quick.  I just brought up Jingit on my Android and scanned the item right there in the store.  Once that was done they put $.50 right in my account just like that.

Please don’t fret about my cracked screen.  That’s what happens when a book falls from a cabinet onto the display.  I already have a replacement as we speak.

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You can see my Google story here with more pics from my Jingit Shopping Trip.

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