Dollar Store DIY: Apple Votive

Dollar Store Apple Votive
Fall and apples go hand in hand. Why not bring apples into your home d├ęcor when you give this easy DIY apple votive a try? You can craft one using items from your local dollar store, and the end result is an apple votive so real looking; your guests will have to touch it to believe it! Take a look at how we crafted one, so you can get busy crafting one too!

Supplies needed:

DIY Dollar Store Votive

  • Fake apple
  • Knife
  • Marker or pencil
  • Votive candle

Dollar Tree carries fake apples in their candle aisle, along with other crafting supplies. In this aisle you can also find real or battery operated votives, perfect for this craft as well. In total, we only spent $2 for our votives and the apples we used in this craft.


Dollar Store Apple Votive

1. Place the votive you will be using on top of your apple. Take a marker and mark around it so you have an idea of where to cut.
2. Remove the votive and begin cutting. Use the knife to make a cut around the stencil. You can then use your fingers to pull out the stem and foam, creating the hole the votive will go in.

Dollar Apple Votive

3. Clean the hole out well and press the votive inside of it. If it is not fitting well or balancing evenly, remove it and continue to remove more foam until it does.
4. Press the votive back into the hole until secure.

$1 Store Apple Votive

Now all you need to do is activate the votive and you are ready to roll! As you can see, this apple votive makes a great centerpiece, gift, or is just a fun way to add the spirit of fall to your space. Gather your supplies and give it a try!