I have been looking forward to seeing Marvel’s The Avengers ever since it came out earlier this year.  My older boys & Bryan went to see it at the movies and came back all a buzz about it.  They have been re-enacting scenes and describing them in detail.  It was definitely one of their favorite movies, and so I’ve been waiting anxiously since then for it to come out on DVD so I (and the younger kiddos) could watch it with them.

This week I had the opportunity!  Marvel’s The Avengers released on Tuesday, September 25th so we headed to Walmart to get it.  There are a few reasons why we picked it up from Walmart instead of ordering online.

What are they?

I wanted it right away so we could watch when it’s available.  I didn’t pre-order so I didn’t want to have to wait for it plus Walmart definitely has great competitive prices.

Walmart has a special combo pack edition of Marvel’s The Avengers that comes with a really nice Avengers graphic novel.  I knew my boys would really appreciate this as they love comics.   The graphic novel was very thick and great quality.  It will take them a little while to read it, and I know they are going to enjoy it.  My 10 year old’s first order of business when we got home with it was to take the Avenger’s graphic novel out and read it.

The Walmart Avengers Augmented Reality App for Smart Phones made it a really fun shopping trip with the kiddos.  With the app you can go around inside Walmart looking for all the trigger points.  You can scan the trigger point with your phone to unlock some really fun features of the Walmart Avengers Augmented Reality App.

There are trigger points all over the place.  Some of the places we found them were in the Toy section, with the Halloween costumes, in the clothing department, Electronics, as well as in other places around the store PLUS you can find trigger points on the Avengers products as well.  The app can be installed on Android, iPhone, or iPad.  The kiddos had a GREAT time looking for the trigger points and as you can see did a little bit of fooling around while they were there too.

Walmart has MarketSide Pizzas that are Avenger’s themed, and made for a perfect accompaniment to our movie night!  There were several to choose from, and the price is great.  They are freshly made there and we put it right in the oven.  Everyone loved the pizza and they were so huge that one was enough for all of us.

This was definitely a fun adventure for our whole family and the price was right – we only spent around $35 and made some fun memories.

You can see more details and pics on my Google + Story about this shopping trip here.

Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend?  There will be special Avengers Character Appearances in select Walmart stores on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  Check with your Walmart to see if there will be one nearby!

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