We recently had a milestone event occur in our family.  My oldest boy who it seems was turning 5 just yesterday actually turned 10 this summer!  Yes, that’s right, we are now in the double digits and his younger brothers are approaching him rapidly.

It’s bittersweet to watch him mature into the young man he will become.  I am so thankful to be able to watch him grow, but the time has gone by so quickly it seems.  His head is already taller than my shoulders, and I know that it won’t be long before I’ll be able to look him straight in the eyes.

One of the things he’s been asking for is a BB gun.  I have to admit that I was raised in a suburb and have never touched a BB gun much less shot one.  In fact my experience with them includes watching Ralphie’s mom try and convince him that he’d shoot his eye out in A Christmas story.

Bryan’s experience, however, is much different.  He is a country boy by birth and had a bb gun in his hand well before he was 10.  Even with our different experiences we both agreed that age 10 is old enough for his first bb gun.  He is a very responsible little guy, and I know he will be safe and follow all the gun safety rules.  So we took a trip to Academy Sports & Outdoors to check out the selection and choose a bb gun.

There were quite a few to choose from, but we decided to go with the Daisy Red Ryder.  It got excellent reviews, and I think it will be perfect for a beginner.  Plus…It’s a classic, right?  How could we not go with the Red Ryder?

When we arrived at home it was getting dark, but that didn’t stop them from taking the new Daisy Red Ryder out for a spin.  They got it unpacked & ready to go.  Safety is always first, and my 3 older boys who were going out were sure to put on their goggles.  No shooting the eyes out here!  Of course we must read all the Daisy Gun Safety Rules.  Did you know that Daisy only recommends their products for ages 10 & up!  Safety is very important to Daisy Outdoor.  They also have Daisy Recognized shooting education programs.

Bryan was very thorough in explaining the ins & outs of the gun to him before he let him shoot.  Elijah was so serious, but loved it!  Doesn’t he look like a natural?

His brothers were so excited to watch him shoot.  Can’t you tell what he’s thinking – “Only 2 more years till I can have my own Red Ryder!”.

You can find out more about Daisy Outdoors on their web site, follow Daisy on Twitter or follow Daisy on Facebook.

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